The Nuremberg Trials

The tribunal of the Nuremberg Trials was given the charge of trying the most important political and military leaders of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler, the Führer and supreme commander of Nazi Germany had committed suicide on 30th April, 1945 along with his wife. His body was never recovered.

Sir Norman Birkett, the British judge asked Rudolf Hess, the deputy leader of the Nazi party,

‘Your Führer is now dead. Do you have anything to say?’

‘He is not dead, Sir. My Führer can never die.’ Hess responded with a smile.

‘Okay, I think you are suffering from hallucination. You need treatment.’ The judge responded and got up. ‘The court will be again in session tomorrow.’

Sir Norman Birkett reached home that evening and saw the letter on his table. He opened it.

His hands trembled.

‘Release Rudolf Hess or face consequences.’

Signed-Adolf Hitler, 7th May, 1946.

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