In today’s fast-moving and time-strapped world, OOPSS with its short reads, features Poems and Short Stories within 75 to 150 words. Designed with a view to promote the habit of reading as well, OOPSS is an opportunity for creative writers to easily publish their works and gain access to more readers. OOPSS provides a welcome break to people on the move with refreshing tales and thought provoking poems.

OOPSS has been conceptualized as an easy-to-publish web interface that enables established, as well as aspiring writers, to be recognized by peers, contemporaries and other discerning readers.

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OOPSS (Our Own Poems & Short Stories) is brought to you by Ddruid Creative Platforms.

The OOPSS online publishing platform provides original, engaging and unpublished content in the form of poems and short stories from established, as well as aspiring writers. OOPSS provides a free and easy way for writers to publish their works, create a readership for themselves and open up their talents to the wider, print and publishing industry. OOPSS is also available on various social media platforms.

OOPSS enables contributors to write and submit their original works in a pre-established format at the click of a button. The submitted work will undergo a quick review of the OOPSS editorial board, which will review and flag submissions for offensive language and possibly controversial political & religious content and only submissions that pass the scrutiny of the editorial board will be published on OOPSS. All approved contents have to be within the content length parameter of 75 to 150 words.

To learn more, please read the Terms & Conditions carefully. 

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