A Sinister Secret

The boat bumped through the waves as if hit by speed bumps. The wind continued to howl and the waves lashed on. On the very next impact, the boat didn’t simply crack. It flipped, swooping over the disturbed water. Only Danka floated. In the post-dawn light, he could still see the full moon. He saw the gulls flapping their wings. He knew that he was lucky.

He was saved by Nagandu. He was out in the ocean fishing when he saw Danka.

They reached the island where Nagandu introduced him to his tribe. The men and the women were all naked, covered only by a string of bamboo sticks around their waist.

Danka was hugged and kissed. They danced. They ate. They drank. Danka was both happy and amused.

He however didn’t know then that at every full moon, the tribe demanded a human sacrifice outside their tribe!

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