The Cell Phone

From nowhere came the sound of an old-fashioned telephone as Kitty scanned the room for an antique. She moved around the room, her quiet steps lost under the din. Behind her, small plumes of dust erupted like mini mushroom clouds. She stopped at the heavy wooden table. Underneath the table, she could see something taped in a plastic.

Kitty peeled away the duct tape to release the package which was still ringing. Then it stopped. She pulled it out. It was a cell phone. It seemed the latest model.

She was the only one to have entered the room after almost fifty years. Then how come she found a cell phone in the room? Her grandfather’s portrait was still hanging on the wall.

She dialed her own number from the cell phone just to check.

‘Hello, yes.’ was the response from the other end! It seemed like her own voice.

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