The Good Samaritan

The child was petrified. In this big bad world, she was suddenly alone.

Just moments before, she had held her mother’s arm busy purchasing vegetables. The child rid herself free and wanted to run to her father and brother who were going towards their car in the parking lot. The mother let go.

As the mother finished her shopping and went towards the car, she could not see the daughter. In no time it was realized, the child had not reached.

The next few moments were the worst. Parents bickering at each other, searching frantically, praying for a miracle, and asking people around.

Minutes later, they received a call. It felt like ambrosia from heaven.

A good Samaritan had seen the wailing child and took her to the nearby school where the mother worked. The child was united with the parents who perceived the stranger as a messenger of God.

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  1. As usual, the correct usage of vocabulary, the narrative, all are superb. Kudos! Keep it up!

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