Life is Beautiful

‘Papa, look at the clouds. They are running with us. And the trees are running the other way.’

Twenty-five-year-old Rohan was exhilarated looking out of the train window, his face glowing with excitement as the train rattled its way on the tracks.

‘And Papa, is that the sun? Yellow and red?’

‘Yes, son, you are seeing the sunrise.’ His father responded with a smile.

A couple was observing the childish behaviour of this young man with pity. The man leaned towards Rohan’s father and whispered in his ears, ‘I am so sorry. Why don’t you take him to a good doctor? I hear they have developed some advanced treatments for such mental disorders.’

‘We are just coming back from the hospital.’ his father replied as Rohan clapped gleefully seeing a flock of birds fly past.

‘My son just got back his eyesight today. He was blind since birth.’

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