Crime & Punishment

I was lucky to have a friend like him. Ratnakar’s friendship was like a light to me that grew inside my soul and shone through my own eyes.

He came to me that cold wintry night, tense and worried.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘Promise me you will not share with anyone. Promise me.’

‘I promise but what is it?’ I was now concerned.

‘I killed Rohan.’

‘What?’ I was shocked.

‘I am having trouble sleeping at night, so I needed to tell someone. You are the only one I can trust.’

Rohan stayed a few blocks away from our house and was a drug addict. His body was found near a ditch.

‘I am a dealer.’ He uttered trying to avoid my gaze and hurriedly left.

A few days later I read in the newspaper that somebody was arrested for Rohan’s murder, and it definitely was not Ratnakar.

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