It Happened One Night

He was driving as fast as he could to reach home. His daughter had suffered another epileptic attack and needed to be rushed to the hospital. The frantic call from his wife was enough for him to face the heavens which broke to release the torrent of the downpour so heavy that it felt like he was in the midst of a river rather than in a rain shower.

Alok took the shortcut through the forest. The trees waved in a whisper releasing the sounds of a plethora of nocturnal ghosts, the road now like a black river on a rain-washed sheen.

As he took a turn, a drunk man reeled out in front of his car and hit him. Alok knew that the man was dead even before he got out of his car.

He looked around. There was no one.

He drove away. His daughter was his priority.

2 thoughts on “It Happened One Night”

  1. Marie-Louise

    It is amazing how much build up excitement 150 words can contain. And the end makes you wonder if you would prioritize in the same manner….

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