An Epidemic

A cool wind blew through the windows of a clinic in Sivapuram. White clothes excessively stained worn by its inhabitants. These were far fewer than the soaked sheets that clothed the corpses. The stench of blood nauseated the corridor to ward off even birds at the window.

Dr. Ravi had never gotten used to this drill but fifty years of his life was now gone. The pandemic had become a disaster of epic proportions. The tipping point for him today was there had been an unending flood of patients. He hadn’t rested for the last 36 hours of incessant emergencies. His battle to keep sanity was failing, his hands shaking with fatigue.

Suddenly, there was a thud! Someone screamed, “doctor has fallen”.

There were many losses in this battle, less victories. Now death had snatched away yet another brave general Ravi… leaving the world to still fight on.

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