In One Accord

A little blade of grass
I notice as I pass,
Growing silently in the shade
Ever so slowly blade by blade.

A tiny green stalk,
(I see it on my daily walk)
Has appeared close beside it,
Growing up bit by bit

The grass in the breeze does sway,
The stalk moves the same way,
Growing together in harmony
Forming an organic melody!

Soon appears a little bud
And the stalk bends to the mud,
The grass stands beside all firm,
The bud’s presence to confirm.

There is no tension, only accord
For together they exist in one concord
As the bud opens up trembling in fear,
The blade of grass stands up to cheer!

5 thoughts on “In One Accord”

  1. The poem highlights the importance of harmony, coexistence, synergy that are essence of nature

  2. Caroline Godwin (Junie)

    Beautiful poem describing a slice of nature and it’s significance to mankind’s nature.

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