Today I sit in my unkept garden. Amidst the weeds is a predominant wild rose bush. Flowers that must have bloomed into tiny pink florets in the last season. A trail of their scent lingers in the breeze. An array of fir canopies the fence, blanketing it from the strong west winds. Few pots of flowers unknown still quivering. The only brightness I see amongst this is my son. He dances away squeezing every last drop of joy from the day. And I wait here amidst my memories, the taste of frost on my lips and a yearning.

dawn chorus
ushers the spring again
you and I

This is a Haibun form of poetry. Haibun is a literary form, combining a prose poem, followed by a Haiku. A Haiku is a three-line form of poetry. Both Haibun and Haiku find their origins in Japan.

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