The Unknown

There is a zone
Where the sun rises
But there is no light!
Where birds fly around
With no fluttering sound.
Where flowers and trees
Stand withered.

A place where stars shine
Yet there is no glimmer.
The ocean waves rise and fall
Beneath the shining moon
Ever so silently!

All this is –
Seen but never noticed.
Touched but never felt
Heard yet never heeded.
Where the only smell is
That of fire and ash,
Yet nothing burns!

Here battles are fought
But none fall dead –
The dead remaining alive
Like zombies-
Thoughts roam relentlessly –
Along with monsters in the mind
That come to celebrate death
In noisy silence!
Where is this zone?
So well-known
Just by being unknown!

4 thoughts on “The Unknown”

  1. Very nice poem. Praise and thanks to the Lord for His blessings on you. Keep rocking.

    1. Sudhir Kumar

      Quite engrossing and absolutely brilliant! Makes a great read and quite overwhelming!

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