She sat by the rubble of her broken home,
Her tear-filled eyes stared at the torn rag doll –
The doll she had made with rags for her doll,
Whose head was smashed by the falling missiles.
Or was it a brick that was used by the ones,
Who worship in another way, eat different food,
Or dress differently and love a different colour?
Did differences do this to my smashed doll,
And to the doll’s doll?
She looked for a pen below the
Broken glass – searched for paper but
Found none.
Using the broken glass – she etched the word
‘Different dolls’
On her skin –
She felt no pain – as greater pain lay before her.
New scars – yes, to remember the old ones
Scars which cannot be forgotten
And shouldn’t be, by the mute spectators.
Scars that should never have been etched
On skin, or in the memories of the innocent.

47 thoughts on “Scars”

  1. Anand Peacock

    Beautiful ma’am very thoughtful l, we truly leave no stone unturned in our ruins

  2. I come from a time when differences were not even noticed. Then they were noticed but celebrated. But these days we witness scars/tears/pain because of the self same differences. Sad times that we live in.

  3. Gurmeet Singh Kalra

    Crystal, every word has gone through your Emotional Box(❤️) before being penned down therefore gives a stimulus to one’s thinking towards the dark side of the Divided World that we’ve built for ourselves.

  4. So beautifully written. Doll’s doll feels the pain of harsh differences.

    True, sad, yet authentic u have been Crystal.

  5. Just lovely. I urge everyone to read it once and you’ll never regret. Awesome. Keep it up

  6. Excellent and lovely. Scars in memory cannot be seen and forgettable but as you said new scars are greater than the old. Very nice and so meaningful Crystal. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

  7. Caroline (Junie) Godwin

    Wow, beautifully composed 🙏🏽
    Hard hitting!
    Reality exposed of the callousness of all humans !!

  8. Eswari Mani

    The poem poignantly captures the trauma of a world torn as under by differences. Sure to leave a scar in every reader.

    Crystal’s poems are always loaded with meaning

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