Never Miss a Chance to Enjoy the Fresh Air

I was looking out of the window from a small cubicle box. From the next window, I heard someone uttering ‘Never miss a chance to enjoy the fresh air’ in a mellifluous voice. I looked at her. She didn’t look in my direction. I scanned her stealthily. Her hair was golden yellow, silky and glowing. She lifted her head up and took a solid breath of fresh air, relishing every ounce of it thoroughly.

Suddenly all the cubicles started moving. A gate opened and another crate was coming out of the gate. This one had cages instead of boxes. Everyone in those cages looked much older and tired. She cheered loudly at them ‘Never miss…’. Some even responded by squeezing their heads out and tried to feel the fresh air. At the entrance it was written ‘Golden Broiler Farms welcomes you’. Our crate moved in the direction marked ‘baby chicks’.

4 thoughts on “Never Miss a Chance to Enjoy the Fresh Air”

  1. It’s like short stories in tamil with unexpected ending. Nice sir keep writing on your way

  2. Dr. K. Jagadeesan

    The theme of the story I feel is the plight of modern day broilers. The moment of meeting between day-old chicks and ready for slaughter birds at the entrance of golden broiler farm was captured beautifully. Loved that narration. However this narrative could have been better from the perspective of a common man who has a less knowledge about broiler farming. The story “Never miss a chance for getting a fresh air’ also has some message for us too. Congratulations. Thank you.

  3. A poignant little tale! A whiff of fresh air in itself! Quite a metaphor to set thinking in times when freedom to just breathe is all that one can pray for! Keep writing doctor.

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