Only in Whispers

As I entered the room, it whispered the storms that had echoed within. It was too long since anyone had heard of her.

The place was a chaos- piles of dirty dishes; rubbish spilling out of the bin; books, papers and clothes scattered and crumpled; empty bottles rattled the floor.

The room smelt of smoke and sulphur. The only sign of life was a torn curtain hanging across the window. The wild overgrown feel to the place, made it easy to imagine the spirits of the dead haunting.

I wanted to believe otherwise.

The lizard could hide for months. It could stay alive by eating its tail, which grew back ready for the next meal.

I sat in my thoughts, and all of a sudden icy fingers touched my right shoulder. A shiver tore down my spine and racked my body.

A voice whispered, “take me home!”

2 thoughts on “Only in Whispers”

  1. Kchakraborty

    Beautiful.. loved how you have built the story and slowly you took it to the climax.

  2. D. Bandyopadhyay

    Very good writing in short version and really inspiring. Thoughtful imagination will definitely bring her writing into higher level. I wish her all success in future story writings.

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