Two Penny Bit of Happiness

My Momma asking me
Looking at my recent poems
“Why do you write about depression”

Well Mom,
In this world where you can see
the positive of every negative
The happy to all sad
The sweet to every bitter.

Everyone thinks of their sads in life
No one thinks of the joys
That life holds for them
All they know is darkness
Even though the sun rises every day.

Even the earth says 12 hours of night
And 12 hours of day.
Not everything stays dark forever
But, who might teach them?
Though you are a teacher,
Not all can be taught.

7 thoughts on “Two Penny Bit of Happiness”

  1. Richa Bhargava

    Not all can be taught that
    12 hours of night are for
    Putting all negativity to sleep
    Re-energizing oneself for
    12 hours of day to be spent
    In the encouraging & motivating
    Warmth of hope & positivity.

    A teacher never gives up
    A teacher never loses hope
    A teacher always stays positive
    For she is a believer 🤗
    Of Inner joy & happiness being
    Self attained for one & all🙂

  2. Sudipa+Roy+Mitra

    This is truly amazing. Well done Jethro….you have made your parents proud. All the very best.
    Congratulations to you as well Ma’am!

  3. Archana Gupta

    We teachers are actually believers….
    Nice poem, Jethro and Richa😊💕
    Like mother …like son

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