A Gem of a Person

Maybe you’re a diamond
you let your experiences shape you;
And do not bend at forced will
for you know yourself through and through.

Maybe you’re a sapphire
with the demeanour rivaling the oceans’ serenity;
But people dare not confuse it with submission
for all that calmness hides an unspoken fury.

Maybe you’re a pearl
elegant and decadent as they come;
Delicate while you may seem your resilience and endurance,
makes you the tough person you’ve become.

Maybe you’re a ruby
Passionate, determined and fiery;
Possessing the will power not to conform,
to external influences at the cost of your individuality.

Know that while you are a gem of a person
not to entrust others with your value;
For no one can determine your worth,
save for the single soul being you.

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