Look for God

When life seems without a ray,
And you often cease to pray.
When the cross is too heavy
And you are faint and weary –
Look for Him, He’s by your side.

When everything seems to fail,
And the ship does not sail,
When the shore is out of sight,
And the waves are hard to fight –
Look for Him, amidst the tide.

Through the desert sands
Blinded alleys and barren lands.
When the mountain is too high,
And the valley, but echoes your cry,
Look for Him – your only guide.

When the path ahead is long,
And you’re tired and forlorn,
When the course you cannot trace,
And all you need is God’s grace
Look for Him, He’s close beside

When your life’s in confusion,
Your plans – a mere illusion.
When all friends have forsaken,
And you have been mistaken,
Look for Him, in you He abides!

16 thoughts on “Look for God”

  1. Eswari Mani

    Beautifully written, inspiring words, just what I need now.
    Direct from the soul, that’s how it sounds to me…

  2. Gulsum Basheer

    Very well written. Love that the rhyming words run effortlessly and beautify the thoughts portrayed.

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