Everyman Out

The paradox about him which began at his fifty,
Intensified at sixty,
Finally culminated in his seventies.

They had needed of him
A mature actor in fifties,
An ageing one and
In sixties and seventies respectively
While he,
Not wanting to give up,
Kept acting out only the teen, the child
And mostly the youth;
No aged roles
Which irked others
Sometimes irked himself.

People complained he’d no business
To stop midway,
Halting evolution;
He languished seasons moved inexorably fast,
He hadn’t had enough.

The world, meanwhile, was contemplating
A world sans him
(sans everyone, of course).

The paradox about him
(who’s everyman)
Thus ends
Probably at eighty,
Taken happily, ceremoniously to the crematorium.

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