Ah Man!

Blood splattered road,
Children clutched their moms waiting to explode.

The nasty laugh at their success.
The dead are their trophies, with pride they posses

The mouse and squirrel share a piece of cheese
Winking and slapping each other with ease,

The trees on the hills beyond,
Shelter the lions and tigers, seldom bellowing a sound.

While the snakes slither away,
The monkeys push and pull and play all day.

Frayed but life keeps moving on its way.

2 thoughts on “Ah Man!”

  1. Protiti Sural

    Amazing as always……. love your expressions and honest presentation. ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. Crystal David John

    Honest to God – this is amazing – just love the way you present reality.

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